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Willmar man sentenced on multiple stalking, assault charges

WILLMAR — A Willmar man was sentenced to prison Thursday on charges stemming from multiple criminal cases involving stalking and assault.

Under a plea agreement reached last month, Erik Ozornia, 29, will serve three years concurrently on five felony convictions for stalking, domestic abuse and threats of violence.

The most serious cases occurred in November and early December of 2016 and involved the same victim, who was pregnant at the time and had a court order for protection against Ozornia.

Ozornia was accused of calling her on the phone up to 400 times, sending threatening and abusive text and Facebook messages and threatening to stab both the woman and himself.

He was arrested on a warrant a couple of weeks later after contacting the woman again and telling her he was going to turn himself in.

While in jail, he accumulated additional criminal charges for vandalism, tampering with a fire alarm and assaulting a correctional officer.

The sentence handed down Thursday by Judge Stephanie Beckman included 26 months in prison for felony-level threats of violence against a jail employee, to be served concurrently with the rest of the sentence.

As part of the plea agreement, more than a dozen other charges were dismissed, including eight counts of kidnapping, stalking, assault domestic abuse and threats of violence.

Ozornia has a prior record of domestic abuse and a conviction for felony terroristic threats.